Miscellany 4.23

So I know I’ve been kind of quiet lately. I have to be honest, it’s been on purpose. I have been finding more and more that I need to get away from technology every now and then in order to maintain some semblance calm and sanity in my life. This may seem counterintuitive coming from someone who has a blog and an account with just about every social media platform you can think of, but I assure you it’s necessary. While I think it’s important to use the internet and social media as a way to reach out to other people and help them in their journeys with Jesus, I also think it’s important to not be overcome with the constant need to be connected at every moment.

I am currently working on a more in-depth blog on this subject, but for now, suffice it to say that my heart and soul have been much more content while taking time for myself without updating the world.

I’ve been taking time to work on my school work during the week so that weekends I can spend by myself or with my husband. This in and of itself has brought a different kind of mojo to my weekends. I’ve been able to do some things I’ve been missing like play my favorite video game without feeling guilty, while still managing to keep up with the wifey stuff like laundry and cooking. I must say, I am feeling much less overwhelmed as I have a much better work-life balance. There are days when I just put the phone down and ignore it, teaching myself that I don’t need to know what everyone’s doing at that moment nor do they need to know what I’m doing.

Each day I post a Bible verse of the day and that will not change. I enjoy having social media accounts where people can go and find information they need each day. However small it may be. And while I do wish I could write a full-length blog more often, I know that in order to keep peace in my heart I have to limit it to the times like this when I have something to say and when I’m not taking time away from other things to do it.

Ironically enough, I just signed up for a Snapchat account and have been playing with that most of today. I would like to use its stories feature to post inspiration Bible verses but we will see what happens. I’m sure the “new” will wear off of that pretty quickly and it will be just another social media account that I don’t use that often. But for now it’s pretty cool, so I’m going to see what I can do with it.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my eating habits. I’ve lost a few more pounds, and right now I’m maintaining as best as I can because I’m back on prednisone. For those of you wondering why I take prednisone so often, it is because I cannot take things like ibuprofen or Aspirin because they trigger asthma attacks, so anytime an anti-inflammatory is needed it must be a steroid.

I think I have a food allergy but I can’t pinpoint it just yet. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is wheat, which will really suck, not going to lie. While I try not to eat bread or pastry on a regular basis, it’s nice knowing that it’s an option should I choose to. However if it is something to which I am allergic, I will just have to live with that. When I say “wheat allergy,” I’m not referring to celiac disease. I’m talking about an actual reaction to wheat like sneezing, coughing, itchy face. Once this course of Prednisone is over, I will begin an Elimination Diet where I try different things and see which common ingredients might be causing my issues.

Well, there’s my rambling general update for today. I’m shooting for the end of the week for more thought-provoking, interesting blog. Stay tuned.

God bless and good health,







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