Two-week Keto Challenge: Week one in the books.

As the sun sets on my first full week of eating a ketogenic diet, I am finally settling into the routine.  The major withdrawal symptoms have waned, and I seem to have avoided a major headache, which is surprising, but for which I am grateful.

I have been trying different foods and recipes, and have enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve made.  I’m also way less hungry, though I do still crave things like cheese balls and french fries – not gonna lie.

Perhaps the biggest shock so far is that my PMS symptoms are WAY less obnoxious than they usually are.  Also, can I get a round of applause for making it through this week while also dealing with PMS cravings?


Full disclosure – my exercise plans for Friday and Saturday were shot to hell by my exercise on Wednesday.  I skipped Friday, but did go out for a walk Saturday morning (and this morning!) Walked about two miles and burned about 300 calories.  I am not making excuses but I think it’s important to know your limits.  After years of being sedentary and ballooning up to 300+ pounds, sometimes the body can’t do what you expect it to.  So I made modifications.  At least I kept moving forward.

So, on to week two.  I noticed this morning that the number on the scale was even lower, but I’m not making a final call about weight loss total until the second week is over.

Overall, it’s been easier than expected, but not a walk in the park.  And I’m seeing results already.  Thanks to anyone who’s been praying and cheering me on.

Have you been doing the two-week challenge?  How’s it going? Comment below!

God bless and good health,



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