#KetoDiet Challenge Day 3 & 4 – It gets easier

It’s late and I am tired this evening, so this blog will be short, but I wanted to give you all an update on my progress.

Day 3 (yesterday) was much better than day 2.  I felt better physically and mentally, and the cravings subsided.  Today was equally as good.  I did have some cravings but I think that was more out of habit than anything. I took a few days’ of vacation this week, and while out and about I instinctively wanted to fall into the old habits of stopping for fast food and junk.  I managed to hold back, though, and I went to eat and had some high-protein, low carb meals that filled me up and kept me going.  I did want to get a martini with my dinner, but alas it’s too early for that.

The scale also showed a lesser number this morning, which was a nice boost.  I’m not recording my weight until the two weeks are over, however, because I want the loss to be more than just water weight.

Overall, I have more energy, and I am able to fight through the afternoon desire for a nap with much more success than when I’m eating a bunch of crap all the time.  The tiredness is a natural thing. When you’re p before 6 AM you can’t help but be a little tired at 2 or 3 PM.  But now I look for protein to give me a boost instead of eating something that gives me a sugar rush – and subsequent crash.

It’s amazing how quickly habits can change, especially when you are eliminating the cause of the bad habits – mainly sugar.   Sugar makes you want more sugar, thus leading to binging and overeating and constant food cravings.

Anyway – it’s time for bed.  I need to rest so I’m ready for my exercises tomorrow. It’s kickboxing day.  I just hope my aching legs are less achy in the morning. 🙂

Thank you all for the prayers and support while I battle the sugar/carb dragon.  And I am grateful, as well, to God, who has given me the strength and determination through His Word to make it through so far. Four days down, 10 more to go.  I’ll keep you posted along the way.

God bless and good health,



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