Day 2 of the Keto Challenge. And it sucks.

Not gonna lie, friends.  The withdrawal from the sugar and carbs is NOT A FUN TIME.  I am so cranky and tired and craving sugar like it’s nobody’s business.  I also want to KILL ALL THE THINGS.


At least I’ve not yet had a withdrawal headache, although I can feel it sneaking up on me as I write this.  I knew this was coming.  But I was prepared.  I prayed and asked for help getting through.  That doesn’t make it any less difficult… it just makes it possible.

I am not trying to discourage anyone, simply bringing you along with me so you know what to expect.  Being waylaid by symptoms that you weren’t expecting helps no one.  At least if you know, you can prepare.  Put on the “full armor of God.”  Lord knows, I need it, and you will too.  I have been asking for strength all day to avoid the snacks that sit in my office waiting for meetings or events.

And then there’s the brain fog.


The lack of clarity can get pretty real while the brain adjusts to the lack of sugar and carbs, but it, too, shall pass.  The body just needs to learn to function on created glucose and ketones, and use your fat for fuel.  Right now, though, my brain is going “Seriously.  WTF?” So forgive me if anything I’m writing makes no sense.

In fact, methinks I’ve reached the point where cleverness and good advice have officially escaped me, so I will not try to wax philosophical any longer for tonight.  I also need to get away from social media, because it seems everyone and their brothers are posting recipes for things like “Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake” and anything to do with bread.


OK, I’m done whining now.  Remember, you can see what I’m eating here, if you’d like to know.  If you are a professional at low carb or keto diets, please feel free to weigh in on my food choices.  I still haven’t decided which meal I’m going to pull from the freezer when I get home, so that’s not in there yet.  It’s also possible that I will simply crash early to stave off the withdrawal symptoms.  Wish me luck.


And if you are along for the ride with me – HANG IN THERE!  You can do it!

God bless and good health,




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