Welcome to Untiring Endurance!

Welcome to Untiring Endurance – a blog dedicated to my struggle with food addiction, binge eating, and obesity – and my walk with the Holy Spirit while I battle all three.  I hope that my thoughts and experiences can inspire you, or even make you feel a little less alone.

Throughout this site you will find:

  • #BibleVerseOfTheDay – Daily Bible verses to remind you to spend a few minutes with God each day
  • #FaithNotFoodAddiction – Verses with my own thoughts about how we can use the Word to help us through food addiction – or any addiction.
  • Diet and Exercise – tips and thoughts as I try different ways to defeat the Goliath of unhealthiness and obesity.
  • Random Thoughts – Whatever’s on my mind or general updates – and some reblogs of great posts.
  • Bible Study – more in-depth thoughts and interpretations of the Bible.
  • Click on links to the right to see blogs in each category.


I’m not an expert in anything.  My goal is to share my experiences and go through the ups and downs with others who know what it’s like.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.

If you share anything you see here please use the hashtag #faithnotfoodaddiction or #untiringendurance.

God bless and good health!


What do you think?

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