#FaithNotFoodAddiction – Get out of here, Satan.

Did you know you can worship food? For that matter, did you know you can worship anything? I’m not saying you pray to your Big Mac or ask forgiveness from your 60 inch TV, but you most certainly can treat those things like they are more important than God.

Take a look around, can you honestly say that if God came to you tomorrow and said “I will make all your dreams come true. Just give up all your ‘stuff,'” could you do it?

Well, I have news for you: He already has. No, he hasn’t asked you to actually sell all your things, simply to stop worshipping them. And maybe, in order to do that, you do need to get rid of some things.

For me, it’s food. And while I can’t give up food completely, I can stop turning to it for comfort, and start turning to the Word. I’m working on it. Some days are successful, others notsomuch.

Material things are different. I can honestly say that material things are great, but if I had to give them up tomorrow I could. For me it’s the acquisition of the “stuff” that’s replacing God, not the “stuff” itself.

For lent, I gave up shopping for myself. I have a tendency to spend money on things I don’t need just because they’re “neat” or “pretty.” My goal is to replace the shopping with the Word of God and see what happens. How about you? What replaces God in your life?

Next time you find yourself relying on anything – food, material things, sex, money, status, alcohol, drugs, whatever – for comfort, fulfillment, or happiness, use the words of Jesus himself: “Get out of here, Satan.”

Arm yourself with a few verses that can help give you the strength and courage to walk away from an idol, and tell Satan and his temptation exactly where he can go.

“Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’ ”
Matthew 4:10 NLT


God bless and good health.


What do you think?

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