#FaithNotFoodAddiction – Wait Patiently.

It is so hard to wait for the Lord. We keep trying to fix everything and manipulate it to work in our favor. We get scared and think “this is our one chance!”

But Psalms tells us to think differently. Pray, the Lord will provide it in His time, not ours. We have to listen to what He says and not be afraid to lose out.

As an example, my husband and I recently started looking to finally buy a house. We found one that we thought was PERFECT, but we didn’t have enough for a down payment or closing costs yet. We never expected to find something so quickly. Well, we started doing a whole bunch of figuring and fiddling, trying to make it work. Borrowing money from family, from work, just trying WAY too hard to make it happen. Then we went to take a second look, and found mold in the house.

That made us stop for a minute and be silent. When we did that we realized if we borrowed all this money just to make the down payment and such, we’d have been in a not-so-good financial situation. Just another lesson from the Lord saying “Stop! I know what I’m doing. Wait for me, and don’t be anxious.”

Working hard and overcoming obstacles when you are trying to achieve something is a great thing. You can’t achieve anything without overcoming obstacles. But stop for a minute and pray, let the Lord speak to you. If you feel like you have to do way too much figuring, fixing, fiddling, and manipulating to make something work, it may not be the right thing.

Only He can tell you which is which.

Wait patiently for the Lord . Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord .
Psalms 27:14 NLT


God bless and good health.


What do you think?

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