Miscellany 1.0

Sugar-free me update:  Well, week one was a bust, thanks to Prednisone, but now I’m down to a manageable, non-rage-and-hunger-inducing dosage for the next week so we are back into the swing of things.  So far so good.  The no-sugar headache is a killer, but this, too, shall pass.  I made a couple of great recipes for the week, so it’s making it a little easier to deal with the withdrawal. Other than that, nothing new and exciting on the health front.

General update: If you read my blog post from last week, you saw that I have been looking for a new pastime of sorts – something to do that fits in my schedule and corresponds with my current interests and schedule.  The local theater offers a discount day on Tuesdays, where all movies are $5, no matter what time.  (Check your local theater – especially Cinemark – they may do the same!)  So, I’m planning to go at least twice a month, if not weekly when there are many movies I want to see.  I can spend $10 and get a nice night out by myself to disconnect and relax and recharge.  

Last week I saw Lion.  It was spectacular.  A real glimpse into the way technology has changed our lives – as well as how it makes the world smaller, but sometimes separates us. 

This week I saw Hidden Figures.  Another great movie.  It was really encouraging to know that no matter who and what you are, you can become who and what you truly want to be.  Also, neither movie had anything “objectionable” in regard to language or sex.  So the story was the star, instead of the offensiveness.  

I think I’m going to like this new pastime.  There are a ton of new movies coming out to which I am looking forward.  Perhaps I’ll start reviewing them. (you know, in my spare time… haha).  

Coming Soon:  I’m currently working on two different blog posts.  The first is a discussion about today’s bible verse of the day – 1 Timothy 1:15.  It’s important for Christians to understand that we are sinners, each one of us no better or worse than the other – we are all the worst compared to Christ. The second is about learning to put away the connectedness we are all faced with on a daily basis – between our phones, tablets, computers, televisions – we are always plugged in.  And while it’s not prudent at this stage of the technology game to just put it all away and ignore it all the time, I think I might have found a solution for myself, and perhaps something you can try.

So stay tuned.  There’s lots of good (hopefully!) stuff coming your way!

God bless and good health.

“It is better, I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them.”  -Drizzt Do’Urden (R.A. Salvatore)


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