The 2017 Respawn

It’s a new year – another good excuse to start over again.  I *think* about keeping up with my blog all the time, but actually sitting down to do it is a whole ‘nother story.  I like to think that my life often precludes me from finding time to sit and write, but if I really think about it, I’m just making excuses.  A few hours fewer in front of the TV each week would give me more than enough time to write.  

And then there’s the idea of actually having things about which to write.  Another excuse.  There’s ALWAYS something bobbling around in my head at any given moment – I just need to write it down.  It’s discipline I am lacking, not time; however, I also want to be careful that I don’t become so bogged down with *doing things* that I forget to live my life.  

Regardless, I’m going to give it a shot again and see what happens.  I’ve been on several journeys of the self lately and this is as good an outlet as any to wax philosophical about the twists and turns.

Around September 2016 I hit that level where I finally decided “Dude, I need to figure out this weight thing.  For good.” I had done a bunch of research regarding sugar addiction and food addiction and binge eating, and found that processed sugars are something from which we should all stay away.  Far away.  So I gave it up. I paid little attention to a gram or two that occurs in things like ketchup or cured meats, but anything blatant – no go.  Fast forward to the end of November and I was down 40 pounds.  Throughout December I ate sugar again.  You know, the Holidays and all, but I’m happy to say I’ve been hanging out in the 35-40 pound loss range even so. This made me feel good knowing that I didn’t completely undo everything.

With the new year comes a new commitment to the no-sugar thing.  And quite honestly, I can’t wait.  By the end of December, I was so overwhelmed by crappy food that I was looking forward to eating healthy again.  That’s a big change for me. In the past, I’d have been kicking and screaming into the healthy food. This first week is a bit of transition, but then it’ll be full-on no sugar.

If you are feeling crappy and need to lose weight and want more energy and less feeling like you want to take a nap all the time, I STRONGLY encourage you to follow suit and get rid of the sugar.  It’s just SO BAD FOR YOU.  It causes constant hunger, weight gain, and addictive behavior.  The brain reacts in a similar way to sugar as it does to cocaine.

I promise – you’ll feel like a new person.  For me, I’m just getting back on the wagon, so the next week will be fun.  But after that, smooth sailing.

There will be plenty more to come.  But for now I just wanted to say “I’m back,” however briefly, and here’s hoping 2017 is the year I actually stick to a blogging regimen.

God bless and good health!!



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